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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Finding my way

Having had my first few days finding my way around I think with the help of my bestist friend I have begun  my begin I have many interests I love anything crafty , it all started when  I was about 10years old, when I was shown how to make a picture show out of a shoe box, by my darling Aunt Mary bless her,she got me going and I was never with out a pencil and paper, I love too knit by hand, sew, paint, & draw,   I think I have had about 5 knitting machines, and my knitting as gone far and wide, I also love parchment white work, and now I have found Stampin Up, it is great, and I have made one or two beautiful cards at a Stampin Up class, a smashing tutor, I may add, (she has loads of patience) lol, I will have to take some pictures,

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