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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Garden Party to celebrate the Royal Wedding

A good time was had by all it was such a wonderful wedding it cold have been warmer though still it did not rain, Alison made a wonderful garden party a great sucsess.I manage a couple of hours but was glad too get home and rest and get warm.

Cakes made by Alison


I had my toe fused on the 26th April finished up having epidural which turned out to be better than expected and my operation went very well,

Friday, 22 April 2011

Wednesdays Stampin Up ards

Made these 2 cards on Wednesday.
well imust say we have beenexperiencing some lovely weather, but very Hazey today been out for a run today too Brigg garden Centre what a place, so much to see, seen a hot tub big enough I am sure you could have got 20 people in it, we had a wonderful meal. and guess what they have got a craft dept i did not spend a lot, honest.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

St George's day , Twister card

Twisted Easel card Made for my son Howard who would love to see this day recognised as a bank holiday in England
Today started off lovely and warm but has deteriorated as the day has gone on, and it is now cold enough for an extra jumper,still not going anywhere, more F1 racing this weekend,so the men in my family at least will be other wise engaged.Bless em.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Had a wonderful afternoon yesterday
We went for a dinner with the Susan Hampshire Travel Staff, at the Carlton Arms Hotel in Sheffield, drinks on arrival and then they showed us all their cruse liners on vidio, very tempting to say the least, then we had a wonderful three course meal, including white or red wine, coffee to finish of with, it would be lovely to do it every day till I got fed up, we met people we had been on cruises with and hope to see again,
not a very nice day today still damp and cold,
below are cards I made at my Stampuin Up class last night,

last night.

Monday, 11 April 2011


Well Easter is coming up fast I have made one or 2,never used to send many Easter cards, but it seems it is getting more popular as i had half a dozen last year so i thoughti should be ready this year,
We have had a good weekend weather wise it was nice to get out in the sun and feel the warmth, but sad to say it has changed a great deal today and has been cold again, forcast frost during the week, F1 was a good race this weeken enjoyed by the men in my family who all come and watch it here and then have dinner, and my usual Chocolate cake for my grandson who will never grow out of it i am sure,
this is one of my Easter cards, White Parchment work,

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Beautiful Day

It is a wonderful day here upto now 2pm it is stated on the news to be the warmest day this year sofar shame i washed Yesterday and had to dry themin the dryer, still it has made it so i can spend to day in the garden and i have bee planting sweetpeas, in seed traysn ow i am going to iron, made thie Yesterday for a chalenge, concertina book,All stampin Up paper card and stamps,

Best Wishes

Best Wishes


Combination of crafts Origami and decoupage peeoffs and gems added

Friday, 1 April 2011


My brother is a keen fisher man and this is his birthday card for this month.

1st April

Not been fooled today, and can't now as it is past 12 noon, i think that is the rule.
not a very nice day, looks like March went out with blustery winds' and April is already brinnging us Showers,to bring forth the garden has looked lovely but got bashed about Yesterday.
Got to take the cat to the Vets Today she may have kidney problems, poor thing she is so fat, she is very lazy and eats to much spends most of the day in bed what a life, but things are going to have too change or she will be a dead cat, she is going to have to change her life is my grand daughters and she has moved into a flat with no garden and it is straight onto the main road, so she dare not let here out at all
Well i must make a card for my brother it is his birthday soon they keep creeping up on me, these birthdays, but there is not anymore until September.