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Friday, 1 April 2011

1st April

Not been fooled today, and can't now as it is past 12 noon, i think that is the rule.
not a very nice day, looks like March went out with blustery winds' and April is already brinnging us Showers,to bring forth the garden has looked lovely but got bashed about Yesterday.
Got to take the cat to the Vets Today she may have kidney problems, poor thing she is so fat, she is very lazy and eats to much spends most of the day in bed what a life, but things are going to have too change or she will be a dead cat, she is going to have to change her life is my grand daughters and she has moved into a flat with no garden and it is straight onto the main road, so she dare not let here out at all
Well i must make a card for my brother it is his birthday soon they keep creeping up on me, these birthdays, but there is not anymore until September.

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