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Thursday, 23 June 2011


Well what a 2 weeks i have had, no car the main thing, what ever did we do with out it, then had to go to doctors as a suposedly disolvable stitch in my toe did not, and got infected, so the Nurse litterally dug it out and made a right mess and i have been on a course of antibyotics, thank goodness it looks fne this morning, still swollen b ut doctor says it will be for a few weeks yet, it is great now the pin is out,I have had to miss my Stampin Up class, luckily just one week, managed to go last night,nd managed to catch up, anyway will have the car back for a couple of days tomorrow so will be able to get out and do some shopping.we have had pleany of rain today no need to water the garden, but everything is looking lovely, so are the hanging baskets,
Here are the cards i made last night, all for men.

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